Bibliography for Fin & Lady by Cathleen Schine, Part 2

Jazz Country by Nat Hentoff—a lovely sixties young adult novel about a boy in love with jazz by the great jazz critic.

Newsweek, ”My Turn” by Mara Wolynski—a hilarious account of a sixties Village progressive school by my friend Mara.

The Sixties by Edmund Wilson—what is there to say? It’s The Sixties by Edmund Wilson! He’s amused by the Village types invited to intellectual parties to provide color. 

A Brief  Historical Guide to Capri by Salvatore Bori, Edizioni La Conchiglia. 

The Masque of Capri by Edwin Cerio.

Footnote on Capri by Norman Douglas, Edizione La C.

Southwind by Norman Douglas—a beautiful, classic novel of Capri and all its different kinds of heat.

Greene on Capri by Shirley Hazzard—Grumpy Graham Greene on the enchanted isle.